Angry Confessions :/

So ....  At present I am sullen with deep guilt ... and kind of irritated too ...


Sometimes anger can take over the best of our wits  .... and we can end up really hurting people that we love so dearly and those amazing people tend to forgive us without us even apologising ..... and then all the anger and irritation changes to guilt ... that's pretty much the present situation ... 



I'm so stupid and I'm not even sure if I deserve all this love that i'm getting .... 



Arguments with someone I love is pretty normal for me ... healthy even .... but sometimes I must make that filter between thought and speech work .... or else I could hurt people ... like I did yesterday ... 



I can't  change what happened ... but I surely can try to be a better and even tempered person  ... 

I really do have a very short temper ... 




And talking of other things .... misinterpretations or something else ... but I'm not going back to this now ... ... ok I know this didn't make any sense .... just some introspection ....



Why do I hold on to things ... be it anger or emotions .... 





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Comments (9)

  1. GoldenPig2012

    I can’t help but laugh, you sound like me about 15 years ago. Man, eye roll, did I get tired of being the dumbass. All I can tell you is to try to do it differently next time your anger and impatience gets hold. One step at a time and gosh, be grateful for those who love and forgive. It doesn’t happen as often nowadays to me, but it does still happen. We’re human and what we can do is learn and try. I wish you the best.

    January 11, 2016
    1. superwomanrocks

      Thanks… But what makes me feel bad is sometimes I do not intend things I say in a terrible mood …
      And yes … I’m trying to do better now …

      January 14, 2016
      1. GoldenPig2012

        Oh, honey, most of us never intend to say or do the things that hurt others when we are in a terrible mood. That’s my point. You aren’t alone, and that includes the ones to whom you are ugly. Oh, sweetie, lighten up on yourself a little. No, being mean or ugly is not OK, but………it IS human and as long as you are willing to apologize and move on, well, that’s all any of us can do, dear.

        January 14, 2016
  2. Bettymom

    What Golden said is true. Just try to be better each time you feel angry. I’ve been training Hubby for over 53 years and he still doesn’t have it quite right!

    January 12, 2016
    1. superwomanrocks

      Hehe …
      I will try !
      Thank you for the advice

      January 14, 2016
    2. GoldenPig2012

      Bettymom, ha ha ha ha ha ha, but, we just keep trying! Take that as the absolute truth, superwomanrocks, even if it funny.

      January 14, 2016
  3. juls

    Is it rumination? Do things that upset you just roll around in your head until you explode on your partner? If this is the case, it means that you aren’t communicating your feelings right when they happen. Not every issue has to bring a fight. You could just say ‘hey babe would you mind hanging up that towel?’ instead of just thinking it and then seeing the toothpaste drizzled down the side of the sink and the empty toilet paper roll still on the holder then their shoes in the middle of the floor and on and on until you want to murder them because they’re a hopeless slob and it ruins your day and theirs. Well at least that’s my issue, not saying it’s yours but that little gem—addressing things that tick you off right then instead of hoarding them until you can’t hold a single other thing and you blow up at them—that cost me thousand and thousands of dollars to realize in therapy.

    January 13, 2016
    1. superwomanrocks

      I think you’re right….
      Sometimes the situation created is not even enraging enough for the reaction that follows… its the one million other hoarded up things that get an outlet to escape ….
      I will keep that in mind…

      January 14, 2016
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  5. wirelessguru1

    Because you still don’t know how to process them in real_time!

    January 14, 2016