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Hello people .. To all my friends here .. I'm really sorry for having disappeared just like that ... I have my exams on for the next two months ... and if i do tolerably well .. I go to college .. if i don't i will have to do it over .. another year ... I'm done with my board exams though .. and they were ok ... so a lot of work is going on ... i haven't read any of your posts lately and intend to remain kind of invisible for the next few months .. you know why.. So don't be mad at me !!! Please !!! 


There is no logic as to why i should write now ... when i have tons of things to read (for my exam .. day after ).. but I decided something in my mind ... and i feel its important to write it .. or else i will contradict myself when i need it next ... 


Yes.. i do that all the time... make a decision mentally and when i'm no longer strong enough to abide by it .. i pretend it never happened ... Do you guys do that ? 


So ... here is something which i must REMEMBER... And you can read it too.. cause we're one big blog family now .. or small ? Aren't we?



Often i become aware of something that is not good for me ... and then i tell myself to stay away from it .. it could be anything ... a thing , person ,situation .... And when i find myself in the same situation back again .. i let it influence me .. even though it might not be good for me ... 



This doesn't make sense does it ?

Example time ... May the burger gods forgive me for writing this ... ( its just an example ... i love my burgers ..)



Ok.. so for something like a burger .. which i like ... but it might not be healthy for me all the time ... it is not so bad as poisonous or something .. but it could definitely harm if it has too much influence on my diet ... so i eat a burger .. say two days in a row ... and i tell myself ... "next weekend :noburgers !!" ... But what do i do when saturday arrives .... EAT ALL THE BURGERS IN THE WORLD ..and so that mental decision i made ... seems to have no existence ..

All I know is i love burgers .. and then i forget to analyse what's not good for me .. because .. I'm stupid ... !!!


Similarly there are few other things that might not be influencing me in a good way right now ... but nevertheless I do nothing about it ... because ... I'm stupid ...

And what i more annoying is .. I do all this ... Inspite of knowing what might be harmful ... 



So this is a reminder for me .. That in near future ... i might land in a situation ... where i am convinced to give in ( convinced by my stupid brain which does nit think when it is supposed to .. )  

At that time i must Remember to ... Shut up and Think !!!! So that I can prevent something which i would not want to happen to me .. Because its ok to make mistakes and its ok to be stupid .. as long as we are willinging to correct them and not repeat them in the future .. So do it !!! ... 




Never mind what went wrong .. but be mindful of what can go wrong now !!!



That's it ... thanks for reading my rant ... sometimes i feel i'm one stupid kid ... But it will be better  ... one day .. 








P.S. I swear it is not about the burgers ... I'm still going to eat them alll !!!!

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Comments (2)

  1. Bettymom

    Yes, just think, one day, instead of being a stupid kid, you could become a stupid adult and fit right in with the rest of us!

    April 01, 2016
    1. superwomanrocks

      Maybe …

      April 07, 2016