Why Dreams ??? Why ???

I had just convinced myself that I have moved on from certain things (and that I have ) ...  but guess what ... when I'm finally trying to get back up .... I have this weirdly perfect dream of something I would love so much but can so not be true...


 I can't get it off my mind ... too cute and perfect to be true ... and so I just want to forget one of my best dreams ....


Having said that ...  I do believe in dreams ... I mean ... some of my dreams have had a good amount of connection and kind of foretold my real life ... and this is for real ... I'm not just saying this .....


 So....  it makes me a little anxious .. but then again ... every thing is too ruined to get that perfect back again ... so I would like to believe that this was an illusion and freaking forget it .... after all I do have other important dreams (my goals ) to think of ... 


But still something tells me again and again .... What does this even mean ???? Why'd you do this to me ?? Why dreams ??? Like Whhyyy???


Ironically a sweet dream awakens me for the rest of the day ....




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Comments (2)

  1. Bettymom

    It’s just a pleasant dream. Enjoy the sensation while it lasts and then forget about it!

    December 08, 2015
    1. superwomanrocks

      Yes .. but that thought was over rated by me … I know how to take this now ..

      December 08, 2015