With an endless hope... I walk ahead ...

Hi !! Just took a break from what i'm working on ... and i felt the need to write again particularly because i think this blogging thing is making me more positive than i have been lately ... and the best part is that you can work a lot better with a positive mindset .. so i intend to keep the positivity .. hold onto it tight.


Sometimes we know some things so well and it just takes a quick reminder for us to imply it in our lives .. and so this is one short quick reminder for me .. as well as a motivation for everyone reading this ... 

I read this somewhere ... and it made an impression ... 


"Hope and end make a real good combination ... now its upto you how you look at it ...A HOPELESS END or AN ENDLESS HOPE "


Obviously the goody thought would be "an endless hope" ... so i would not choose "a hopeless end"... but honestly .. i don't want this hoping thing to be endless .... i mean i want this to end happily ... this can't go on forever ... and till it does ... i will fight it ... no matter how hopeless i feel ...


So these are some motivating lines... i wrote this some time ago ... It's a monograph about the "one thing " that has been bothering me ... It is titled ..."I walk ahead..."  ; because i had decided ..even though i'm worried about some things (thing rather) .. i still have to put my mind at more important things ... And though i make it sound like a zombie walk ... I realized that amidst all things i have a poetic side that shines when i get a little mad...And i hope this inspires you too :) :) :)




Today in my walks ,

I must confess;

All the fine trails,

Have ended in a mess.

Lost is the zeal;

long gone is the zest ;

And still I'm Walking;

Walking ahead.


Sometimes the burdens

too heavy to carry;

And the tresspassers ;

Their wits might vary,

All in one cause ;

A journey to cease.


With small Distractions,

The burdens do fall;

I take a moment &

gather them all;

And try to picture 

clear in my head;

With all my dreams '

I Walk ahead.


There might be obstructions;

I walk anyway ,

Things driving me crazy ;

Keep walking away .

With a million questions &

emotions in my head ;

I still walk further,

I walk ahead.


I ask myself:

"Where does this take me ?

Do I walk away forever ..

endlessly ?"

No answer I get ,

Still baffled in my head ;

With an endless hope ,

I walk ahead...


Wow !! I feel like iron man now ! This gives me strength ... and you know what ... i'm going to do this .. like a boss!!

Hope if not inspired .. this atleast gave you a positive moment with yourself...




P.S. As i always say ... i can and i will ...

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  1. badbeech

    Did you seriously wrote that poem?

    September 27, 2015
    1. superwomanrocks


      September 27, 2015
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